Jalima N. Cook is a minister,  speaker, writer, and founder of “Finding Me Ministries” - an outreach and empowerment ministry for women. Growing up in the city of Philadelphia, Jalima was educated in the Philadelphia public school system and raised in a single-parent home by her mother with three of her siblings; an older brother and 2 younger sisters. Statistically, the odds were against Jalima, but God shielded her and brought her success. 


After graduating from High School in 2000, Jalima enrolled in Millersville University seeking her Bachelor’s in English and minor in African American Studies. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree her goal was to attend law school; however, God had another plan. It was at a young age that Jalima accepted Jesus Christ into her heart but it was not until college that Jalima became completely dedicated to serving God. In April of 2003, a few short months after the unexpected passing of her father, Jalima heard the voice of God calling her to the preaching and teaching ministry.  To become better equipped in fulfilling this call Jalima began the pursuit to earn her Master’s degree by enrolling in Eastern University’s Palmer Theological Seminary in 2006, but later decided to transfer to Liberty University to complete her degree. She completed her degree from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary - graduating in May of 2012 with a Master’s of Divinity in Professional Ministry. Jalima has served as a minister, a Small Group Pastor, and as a Youth Pastor. Jalima is passionate about supporting the Kingdom of God and desires to use her God-given talents and gifts to assist churches in impacting their communities.   


As a prophetic voice in this generation, Jalima challenges people to seek God’s purpose for their life.  In using her testimony and personal struggles Jalima spreads the love of Christ within the church as well as outside the church. She lives her life with the mindset that EVERYTHING she does, she does it unto the Lord. 

more aboutMe

Not that the "Me" in my bio wasn't real, but I just wanted you all to know me on a more personal level too. Is that ok? ok.... here we go!


As you read above, I am a proud PHILLY native from the West Oak Lane area of the city, however, my family and I relocated to Kansas City, Missouri in 2016. We moved here for mentorship and to serve a local church as Associate Pastors - my husband as the Worship  Pastor and us together as Youth Pastors. 


I am a lover of music and dance. I love all forms of music, but I have a heart for teaching various forms of praise dance. For relaxation, a cup of smooth dark roast coffee with vanilla almond milk creamer is my go to; along with a great book, and some good ole mommy quiet time in my chair looking at the sky.... Yeah I know that was quite specific, but hey, I know what I like.  Recently, I have become a lover of running and have ran in 5 local races: 2 Thanksgiving Day 5Ks and 3 Philly Broad Street Runs (10 miles). My plans for the upcoming year include completing a half marathon and training to do the Disney run in January -- A HUGE DREAM OF MINE!


I also have a love for writing that some people deem "weird", but hey, what can I say, I love the English language and the art of using it.  Writing is often my outlet to what's happening in my life. I am currently in the process of writing my first book, with a goal to have it published before the end of the year. I praise God for the gift he has placed in me to write.


Last, but not least, I have been married for 13 years to my best friend and college sweetheart, Eric Cook Jr.  We have been blessed with 4 wonderful children (aka my 4Cookiez.... aka my miracle babies): Moriya, Noah, Nathan, and Mikayla.  We are a FUN family and laughter is something that often echoes from our home. It is my sincere desire to one day foster and maybe even adopt a child (or 3) to add to our family... this is something I have prayed long and hard for. We also hope to one day add a puppy to our family, but until then it's just us 6Cooks.


Stay tuned because our life is ever changing.





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