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My Niche is the Successful Visionary Entrepreneur! I am a Business Systems Coach, Consultant & Marketing Specialist. I infuse effective practices for the owner ready to elevate their business.

JALIMA is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She has spent 20 years working in the administrative field, serving alongside ministry leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs - a field she has been passionate about since she was a teenager. Now, as a Business Systems Coach, Consultant & lover of all things associated with marketing, Jalima’s passion has grown to see people, especially women of color, excel in their businesses, level up, and build legacy-level wealth!

When she’s not serving her clients, Jalima leads her family business, leads a women’s ministry and she works alongside her husband in ministry. Jalima’s number one love, above all things, is spending time with her family. She is the proud mother of 4 beautiful children and has been married to her husband and best friend, Eric, for almost 16 years.

Why Work with a Professional Business Systems Coach or Consultant?

When you are passionate about fullfilling your purpose or build something great to change the lives of people, you need support and assistance in fulfilling that vision and that is what I do – I come alongside business leaders and visionaries so that they can fully pursue their vision. I serve alongside these individuals to offer professional support that increases productivity, while also improving their current business systems to ensure they are operating both efficiently and effectively. My passion for this is rooted deeply in my own call as a professional administrator. I believe in the importance of providing service that mirrors one who is committed to excellence and expertise.

How do Professional Business Systems Coaches or Consultants Accomplish This?

Every business is different and has its own unique needs. It is important to know that this process begins by focusing on what is important to you (the client) and from there, create the best plan, set goals (S.M.A.R.T. ones of course), and define systems to meet your business needs. 

As a coach, I work with my clients by training and guiding them through identifying these areas, or, as a consultant, I am hired by my clients for a pre-determined amount of time to set these areas in place for them.


Service Packages Available

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1:1 Business
Strategy Systems Coaching

$2497 per month


Business Strategy Systems 


$3997 per month

(3 Month Minimum Committment)


Team Coaching

*Prices Vary 

My Commitment To My Clients

I am constantly investing in myself to keep up with the ever-growing market of information out there. When new products come along I research, get training, and network with others to make sure I am offering my clients up-to-date services that meet both the needs of my client and their business(es).


Quinn Conyers
Author | EBONY Podcast Host | AT&T Dream in Black Future Maker
Jalima Cook was my saving grace when my brand started to grow. As a visionary and creative I knew I need an organized and detailed oriented person to make sure the operations of my business were streamlined. Jalima handled it with ease and excellence. Her attention to detail and great organization skills is exactly what I needed. I highly recommend her services.

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Expressionz by Faith

"Jalima helped me to create a vision for my business.  When someone can help you create what you didn't know you wanted is indescribable! I'm truly pleased and she gave what needed to be given."


Anthony Lagoon

CEO & Founder of Underbelly Creative

"I highly recommend Jalima Cook who helped me through one of the busiest seasons of my career. When she joined our team, we were experiencing explosive growth, and I was stretched thin across three businesses, a rental property, and trying to be a good father and husband. Jalima was instrumental in helping me survive by taking on a wide range of tasks remotely. From small or recurring tasks, to large collaborative efforts, Jalima was very professional and took initiative to complete tasks and work as an extension of my role."

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Tanysha Powell
Brown Girls Can LLC

"Jalima absolutely brought my vision to life. No one couldn't be more satisfied with her attention to detail and attention to ME."


Let me know how I can help support you and your business

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