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  • Jalima Cook

One Truth...

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Sitting on the floor she had tears streaming down her face. They created small puddles around her as she sat on the floor crying out what seems like the loudest screams for help, but no one could hear her. She was alone. No one to come save her from this unbearable pain. She only wants to give up! She asks herself repeatedly, "What is the point?" She feels worthless. She feels lost. She is broken. She is tired. She desperately wants the pain to go away, but has lost hope in any form of relief.

How many of us can relate to "she"? How many of us have experienced moments like this? Those invisible moments. Unbearable moments. Seemingly impossible moments? Maybe you have not personally, but you may know someone who has. So this is for those "shes" who have been in this place. You see, many of us hide behind these very emotions that make us feel stuck. It's like we have stepped into quicksand and we are slowly sinking and no matter how hard we fight (or don't fight) we sink more. We hear "JUST GIVE UP! THERE REALLY IS NO POINT IN FIGHTING ANYMORE!" The voice is so loud... so convincing... so shrewd.... that we begin to believe this is the solution. BUT It is important to realize that the voice telling you to "GIVE UP" is the voice of the thief- the one who comes to steal and kill and destroy (read John 10:10a). Giving up would rob you of your life - the life that Jesus came that you may experience life and have it abundantly (read John 10:10b)! See, the thief operates off of trickery and lies. Everything the thief says is opposite of what the Word of God says. The very personification of this thief matches the description of the enemy- Satan! And Satan, the thief, wins when we give up. Satan wins when we believe his lies over who God says we are! Satan, does not want us to know the truth. Satan does not want you to believe that you cannot be broken when your God is THE healer of the broken (Ps 147:3). Satan gets mad when you to learn that you are not worthless because you are God's masterpiece (Eph 2:10). Then Satan gets even angrier when you realize that you are not alone because God promises to be with you (Isa. 43:2)! Satan knows you will feel tired, but rest in knowing that these are the moments God is carrying you (Matt. 11:28-30). Satan will try to trick you make you think God has forgotten you or even abandoned you, but God has promised to NEVER leave nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Knowing these truths are key to combating the plan of the enemy, but the ultimate truth is to know and believe that YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING (Gal 3:26; Jer 10:10). That truth combats every lie! Now that you know this ONE TRUTH... open your bible, whether it's the book or app, and read the scriptures referenced above. Lift up your head and set your eyes on the only one who can save you - The Lord Jesus Christ!

She (the woman from above ^) did not stop the fight, She battled the thief with the truth! She is now walking and living in this ONE TRUTH - she is a daughter of the one true king!

love, jalima

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